Drunk Drivers and Accidents

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Drunk Drivers and Accidents

Alcohol has a variety of effects to a person. Below are just some of these effects:

  • Compromised body coordination, especially in the head, arms, and legs
  • Compromised comprehension
  • Feelings of fatigue and sleepiness
  • Slow reaction time
  • Vision problems

It is important to prevent drunk driving because its effects can cause accidents. Compromised body coordination can make drivers lose control. Compromised comprehension can make them misunderstand traffic lights and signs. Feelings of fatigue and sleepiness can make them close their eyes or fall asleep on the road. Slow reaction time can be the difference between life and death. Vision problems can result to crashes and collisions.

Below are some of the most common injuries associated with drunk driving accidents:

  • Traumatic head or brain injuries from hitting the head on a hard surface or getting hit by a projectile
  • Neck strains and spinal cord injuries from the sudden back and forth movement from the collision
  • Chest injuries from restraints such as airbags and seatbelts and projectiles such as flying glasses

Still, drunk driving is a common incident. Drivers risk driving while impaired because of several reasons. They may be too complacent that nothing bad is going to happen to them anyway. They may be too confident of their driving skills. They may be forced to drive because nobody else is available to take the wheel. Worst of all, they do not fear getting caught of drunk driving and facing the penalties.

If you have been involved in an accident because of a drunk driver, stay calm, check yourself and your passengers for injuries, and get out of the vehicle to assess the situation. Check the drunk driver, and if he or she is sober enough, get relevant information like name, address, and phone number.

Call the authorities for assistance and explain to them what has happened. Consult an attorney to know your legal options. According to the website of Truslow & Truslow, drunk driving charges can be defended, so expect the drunk driver to get an attorney as well.

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