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Classic Cars and Classic Humans

Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 in Classic Cars | 0 comments

Classic cars are what some of us (especially me) live and breath for. It’s fun to think about how each car has its own personality, the history around them, and how they were built.

This is why I very much like Jerry Seinfeld’s recent web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s a very straightforward show. Jerry Seinfeld drives a classic car to another comedian’s house, and they ride in it and have a coffee together. The intro of each show describes the car in some detail, along with some beautiful shots of its interior and what it looks like in action.

One fun aspect to the show is that he tries to choose cars that remind him of his interview subject. So if the comedian is quirky, you get to see a quirky car. If he or she is regal, you see something luxurious. It’s like paring wine with a fine meal, except it’s cars and people.

I marathoned most of the show over the weekend and learned a bit about cars and a lot about what it’s like to be a comedian. I’d recommend this.

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