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Parenting Injured Children

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According to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, “Due to their lack of experience and inherent physical vulnerabilities, children are much more prone than others to suffer serious injuries in the case of an accident.” No parent wants their child to go through pain, so if your child ever got injured, you would want to cushion the blow to the best of your abilities. Below are some tips on how to do so.

Depending on their age, set up play dates for them frequently. Because they cannot go outside to play or possibly even walk over to a friend’s house, their social life is most likely suffering. If they are a bit older, offer to take them to their friends’ houses or let them know that if they want to invite friends over, that they can. Companionship is an important coping mechanism.

It is okay to be a little more relaxed about time spent playing video games or watching television. These things can be therapeutic in the sense that they keep someone’s mind off of problems at hand.

However, do not let your child fall behind in school. They will most likely require more downtime than usual, but letting them avoid their responsibilities does not set a good precedent. Let this be a good lesson to them on how to persevere through difficult times.

Do not be afraid of medicating your child, but also do not go overboard. Talk to their doctor about what the appropriate dose of pain relievers is for their age, weight, height, and gender.

Surprise them with the occasional treat. If it seems like they are having a bad day, stop by the store to pick up their favorite flavor of ice cream. Sometimes it is the little things that have the ability to make your child’s day.

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